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The Practice For Healing

The recitation of Vajrasattva hundred-syllable mantra is considered by all the great spiritual masters as one of the most practical and effective methods for purification of negative karmic imprints created by non-virtuous actions and trangressions or precepts, vows and commitments, and thus, it is also a great method for healing. Tested for aeons with enormous success, the practice of meditation and recitation of the Vajrasattva mantra is the most powerful method for purifying one's mind and actions.

In Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand, Pabongkha Rinpoche explains how the great Atisha would purify any negativity, no matter how small, immediately. Even in public or when riding his horse, as soon as he noticed a breach of his ethics, he would stop what he was doing, drop to one knee and then and there, purify it with the four opponent powers – the powers of dependence, regret, remedy, and restraint.

The Four Opponent Powers

  •  The power of regret - recognize that previously performed negative actions are like a slow acting poison existing within one's being
  •  The power of dependence - turn one's attention to the fully Enlightened Ones, who are worthy objects of refuge
  •  The power of remedy - have confidence and devotion in the meditative method and the power of the hundred-syllable mantra to purify all negativities, which are like poisons, from oneself
  •  The power of restraint - make a personal commitment to cease being involved with negativity for a particular period of time

The Vajrasattva hundred-syllable mantra has the following healing benefits, as spoken by the Buddha:

  •  purification of mental, emotional and physical obscurations
  •  removal of negative karma created through selfishness, anger, fear, aggression and greed, thereby leading to harmful actions in daily life
  •  clearing away of delusion, suffering and constant cravings allowing one to find happiness in the present moment
  •  destroying the seeds and causes for illnesses, disasters, unwanted circumstances, dangers and losses
  •  clearing the negative energies attracting negative circumstances, so that all wishes can be fulfilled

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