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What Is The Project About?

The Vajra Wheel is a universal healing project, to eradicate conceivable and inconceivable sufferings, as a result of negative accumulations over a long period of time.

As can be witnessed by the world's current state, it goes without saying that there is an urgency to do something effective to stop and if not, dilute, the impact of karmic retributions. We are fortunate that THERE IS A WAY.

The Vajra Wheel Project will have the following characteristics:

  •  15-meter in height
  •  made of copper
  •  consecrated with ONE BILLION copies of hundred-syllable mantra for great purification
  •  to be installed OUTDOOR in a designated location at the holy Swayambhunath Stupa
  •  an estimated total weight of 30-40 tons, upon completion
  •  every spin has the effect of reciting the hundred-syllable mantra one billion times, thus receiving the corresponding benefit

An Invitation

You are invited to be one of the 108 benefactors of this virtuous cause...


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