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Benefactors' Benefits

Buddha once gave a teaching on the practice of generosity, in which he said:

Inspired by the Noble Ones, if one gives in the proper time,
with the sense of understanding and free from stinginess,
this offering bears an abundance.
Those who rejoice in that gift or give assistance,
they too have a share of the merit
and the merit of this offering is not depleted by sharing.
So, with an unhesitant mind,
one should give where the gift bears great fruit.
Merit is what establishes living beings in the next life.

According to the holy scripts, sponsoring the construction and making of the Vajra Wheel and any sacred object of spirituality has immeasurable benefits, to name a few general benefits:

  • avoid rebirth in remote areas, where Dharma and authentic teachers are not accessible
  • take rebirth either in the royal, benevolent or affluent families, with abundant resources and opportunities to receive teachings and to meet authentic teachers, and will be loved by parents, siblings and everyone in contact
  • never suffer poverty
  • never reborn as an ignorant person with wrong thoughts
  • blessed with long life and indestructible power
  • possess incredibly great merit
  • receive compassionate blessings from all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
  • fully endowed with six transcendental powers, three understandings and eight emancipations
  • a chance to take rebirth in any of the purelands in the ten directions

Sponsoring the making of the Vajra Wheel has the following additional and specific purification and healing benefits:

  • with every spin of the Vajra Wheel, the benefactors will receive corresponding effect of purification
  • prevent sickness, diseases and untimely death
  • attaining success in all undertakings
  • always achieving peace and prosperity
  • away from all the negative circumstances and conditions

A plaque engraved with the names of the 108 benefactors will be permanently installed at the site of the Vajra Wheel.

This invitation to participate in sponsorship is now closed. For more information, please contact:

18/F Caltex House, 258 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


An Invitation

You are invited to be one of the 108 benefactors of this virtuous cause...


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